Video Documentation, Ernesto Klar "Botuto" exhibited as part of Parsons Faculty Group Show, Chelsea Art Museum, New York City, 2007

Botuto, 2007

Conch, video camera, microphones, headphones, projector, custom software
Sound sculpture that reveals and alters imperceptible resonances from the interior architecture of a queen conch (Strombus gigas.) Multiple microphones capture the sounds from each level of organization of the shell’s interior. A custom software system processes the sound in real-time and randomly cycles through its frequency spectrum. The result is an amplification and transformation of the environmental sounds of the artwork’s given site as naturally captured by the conch shell. A video projection of the shell’s interior, captured live by a small infrared video camera, is beamed back at the shell. Occasionally, a small vibrator motor shakes the interior, as if to reclaim the object’s own sense of place in its continuous oscillation between nature and artifice.
BOTUTO | 2007 | WORK