Video Documentation, Ernesto Klar “Invisible Disparities – Juncture I” Solo Exhibition, Postmasters Gallery, New York City, March 7 – April 18, 2015

Invisible Disparities, 2011-ongoing

Multi-channel video, anthropic rock, artist book
In 2011, Ernesto Klar embarked on an ongoing journey to collect dust from around the world. He began by selecting locations where a plurality of histories, times, and potentialities physically co-exist within their man-made infrastructural elements. Locations range from well-known to unfamiliar historical sites, from ancient sites to “contemporary past” sites. Klar travels to each location to collect, store, and archive its dust. These processes are methodically documented on video, where the artist is seen wearing the same uniform and using a portable duster to vacuum dust. The actual vacuuming of dust represents for the artist “a centrifugal gesture that instigates, both literally and metaphorically, the convergence of disparate temporal, historical, and material relationships.” After having collected dust at forty sites from around the world, the artist created a sculpture by mixing and then fusing the dust under intense heat. Klar refers to the resulting sculptural work as one anthropic rock, or a man-made rock, in which “invisible disparities join one another and transmute into new matter.” Separately, Klar has created an artist book that archives individual dust samples for every site in hermetically sealed glass vials.
INVISIBLE DISPARITIES, 2011 – ongoing | 2011 | WORK