Video Documentation, Ernesto Klar "Convergenze parallele" exhibited at Microwave Festival, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong, November 10 – 18, 2012

Convergenze parallele, 2006

Dust, spotlight, fan, video camera, projector, speakers, custom software system
Installation that reacts to air movements in the exhibition space allowing the viewer to see and hear the amplified movement of airborne dust particles. The system captures, visualizes, and sonifies the activity of dust passing through the beam of light, creating a synchronized audio-visual experience. The installation revolves around one sculptural object located at the center of the exhibition area. Flexible arms protruding from the top of a plinth hold a video camera, a spotlight, and a small fan above a dust-filled receptacle. At random intervals, the custom software saturates the system by briefly activating the fan. A cloud of dust fills the beam of light and creates dense audiovisual patterns of particle trajectories. The system then returns to a subtle reading of airborne dust in the exhibition space as well as the movement of dust created by viewer interactions. Dust particles are able to draw traces of their otherwise invisible motion.